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One of the most amazing holiday destinations on the planet, yet for somebody new to visiting Las Vegas it can be quite a daunting experience.  So here is an essential guide, especially for those of us from the UK, who not only may feel they are speaking English as a foreign language, but who also may feel Vegas itself speaks a language of its own.


Yes, it is indeed fabulous but what really makes Las Vegas tick?  What should you be aware of both before you go and whilst you are there? What are the common mistakes to avoid and what are the little insider tips and tricks that will make your visit there that much more fulfilling?


All of these are explored on this site and many of your questions will be answered on these pages.


Latest Las Vegas Weather from the BBC

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BBC Weather - Forecast for Las Vegas, United States of America

Monday: Sunny, Maximum Temperature: 17°C (63°F) Minimum Temperature: 5°C (41°F) (Mon, 22 Dec 2014)
Maximum Temperature: 17°C (63°F), Minimum Temperature: 5°C (41°F), Wind Direction: East North Easterly, Wind Speed: 2mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 1017mb, Humidity: 64%, UV Risk: 2, Sunrise: 06:48 PST, Sunset: 16:30 PST
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